Training for a multi-day bike tour

Training for a Multi-Day Bike Tour

This cycling training plan will prepare you to get the most out of your cycling vacation or bike tour. The more prepared you are before arriving, the more you will enjoy your time both on and off the bike.

Your bicycle adventure with us is not designed to be a stroll across town on a cruiser with a cute basket on the front. Training is important as our average daily distances are 70km (45miles).  Preparing for a tour means knowing what to expect and riding into trip condition before you arrive. When you arrive to the tour and meet your riding mates your training is done. It's time to enjoy the scenery and the company of the people you will be riding and photographing with. The average pace on our rides is 22km to 27km per hour (14 to 17 miles per hour). The better condition you are in before the tour the more you will enjoy your cycling and photography vacation.

When you're done here visit the travel planning page for other planning tips and articles to prepare for your cycling vacation or view the available cycling and photography tours.

Training for a Multi-Day Bike Tour

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