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Cuba – A Day in the Life

This first trip to Cuba is the first time I have attempted video while traveling mostly because I haven't wanted to carry extra equipment and deal with the luggage. Well, an iPhone is a pretty amazing tool to
have in your pocket. I didn't clear space on the phone before the trip to record in 4K so I left it on 1080p at 30fps for all of the video you see here. A technical discussion would be appropriate for a Lessons Learned update, but for this post I only want to share the experience from my trip.

Upon returning from a new destination, the common question everyone asks is, "How was it?". There is no easy or quick way to answer that question. And I think; more importantly, no good way. How it was for me will be completely different from how it is for you. My goal is only to show and not to help you form an opinion one way or the other. The reason I travel and the reason I share my travels is to pique your interest in seeing or experiencing a place for yourself.Is Cuba still untouched and unsullied by tourists? No. People from many countries have been vacationing in Cuba for years. It has beautiful beaches, countryside, and mountains. In Vinales there are world class rock climbing routes where international competitions are held. I had no idea. I didn't have time for diving, but plan to return and see the life in its oceans. Is there a very unique Cuban culture that still exists. Yes. I do hope that Americans don't ruin that with McDonalds and KFC restaurants.

Speaking to Americans now. Don't treat Cuba like a new band - you could be into it if it weren't already getting too big and popular. You know what I mean. Visit Cuba for the same reason you would go anywhere. For me it's discovering how people live and see the world in a way that's different from my own. ​

What will I say about my impression of Cuba? For the people of Cuba the Revolucion is ongoing, they now feel some breathing room, and believe that improving relations with the United States will bring new opportunities for their country and for themselves.

Cuban people are resourceful. They are not only driving cars from the 1950s but many other things they use to get through daily life have been adapted and "MacGyvered". Everyone knows how to work on their own car, ask for and give help to friends, and get by on whatever they have within reach. You know when you just got out of college, had no money, and figured out how to love your life while you had absolutely nothing because you felt like you were at the beginning of a really great life? That's how Cuba feels right now. Okay, I said I wasn't going to share an opinion and there it is anyway.

Cuba - A Day in the Life

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