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General Info and Questions

Maximum group size is 14 guests so trips do fill up several months in advance of departure dates. While we can occasionally accommodate a late addition, reservations close 6 weeks prior to trip departure.
This is not a big business affair where I organize logistics and then wish you happy travels. I plan and ride on each trip with you.
Group sizes are a minimum of 6 and a max of 14 people. Sometimes I go with smaller groups if I’m doing an initial scouting trip.
Adult solo travelers, couples and friends who are photographers and cyclists from anywhere in the world. Professional photographers and competitive cyclists are not likely to join these tours unless they are working with us as a trip leader.
These are not family style trips and we don’t have children’s bikes available. Please see trip itineraries for daily mileage and activities. Guests need to be able to ride an average of 40 miles a day; sometimes more. Guests also need to be responsible for themselves; sometimes in unusual environments and foreign countries.
Definitely; although just to be clear, on most days we do ride between 3 to 5 hours so any non-cyclists would be riding in a support vehicle for that time each day. For anyone who rides but doesn’t photograph; we will be in locations with plenty to keep your interest while your partner is off making photos.
Someone will be with the bikes and photography gear at all times. If you bring your own bike you are welcome to take it to your hotel at night, but you really don’t need to. One of our own guides/drivers will be with the bikes during daylight and at night the bikes will be locked up. The same goes for photography gear – bags and cameras in the support van will be with one of our people at all times.
Hand your baggage and camera gear to one of our ride support staff before we start the ride They will load it on our transport vans, you retrieve your bike from them and enjoy the day. Pick up your gear when we arrive at our location for the evening.
Photo stops are planned at the beginning and end of each ride day. Very occasionally I do plan a ride to a location we want to photograph – shoot – then get back on the bikes. But; for the most part, I want to be comfortable and not sweaty when I’m out shooting. We go out in the morning to photograph before our ride, and this is always optional if you want to get some extra sleep. Then we ride during mid-day hours and arrive at our evening location early enough to shower before going out for an evening shoot. Also, we rarely have both a morning and an evening shoot. We have to plan for rest and good food each day too of course.
The best light for photography is in the morning and evening. Dates for trips are planned when weather will be between 60-80 degrees F / 16-37 degrees C during mid-day hours so we’re not too hot or too cold during ride times. This is actually a key component. I get frustrated with photography workshops that don’t make use of the full day so my thought was, “I want to use this huge block of down time each day to do the other thing I enjoy most and ride.”
You should have at least basic insurance covering yourself during the dates of the trip. You can add coverage for yourself, your bike, and your camera equipment as well. I recommend or 1.800.423.3632 or

Short answer…

  • Camera, lenses, tripod and bag to carry them.
  • Your own cycling shoes and pedals, any bike bags you like to ride with, your bike helmet. Helmet is included in bike hire if you don’t want to travel with your own helmet.
  • Ride snacks and ride prep: bars, gels, chamois cream, sunscreen. Sometimes you can get these at our location but don’t count on it.
Yep – any bike tools or parts should stay at home unless you’re bringing your own bike and it has exotic parts or tools needed for repairs. Rides are fully supported with guides, SAG vehicle and bike mechanics.
These are not luxury trips. We stay in 3 & 4 star accommodations. I like to be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep but we’re mostly on our bike and exploring with our cameras so luxury accommodations seems unnecessary. Wouldn’t you agree?
We will find you a roommate. Pricing is based on double occupancy – two guests to a room. Each trip will have a pricing option for single occupancy so if you pay for that option then you will have a private room throughout the trip.
Sometimes. We always make every effort to book accommodations that have wifi but, if you’ve traveled much you know that’s not always something you can count on. Depending on the country we’re in, your network, your phone, the remoteness of our locations…you get the idea. We ride for escape and adventure, not for posting a selfie every 30 minutes…okay, soapbox moment over.
We try to eat local cuisine whenever possible. If you have special diet restrictions, please tell us on your welcome packet. We are rarely in a location so exotic that we can’t meet everyone’s needs. That said, this is not a culinary trip. While I like to have excellent meals; especially for dinners, we are not seeking out the best restaurants and chefs. We want to spend leisure time making photos rather than waiting for hours on table service.
Every trip has unique limitations – are you starting to sense a theme there? [Contact me directly]( I’ll make every reasonable effort to work with you.
Gifts, alcohol, personal excursions, transportation to and from airports, tips to guides and waitstaff.
We will cover tips to waitstaff for meals that are included in your trip. If you feel that bike and cultural guides have been excellent, please consider tipping them at your own discretion.

Photography: What to Expect

While beginning photographers are welcome, we will not have time to cover basics of photographic theory or composition. Anyone who has been practicing photography for more than six months and can operate their camera in manual mode will get a lot out of the photography instruction on these trips.
Not the way you would normally expect a photography workshop to be conducted. By that I mean that we don’t visit a location more than once or spend several hours in one location waiting for perfect light, or shoot a location in several different ways.
Yes! If you are a seasoned photographer and want to take off on your own then go for it. If you are a new photographer then stay with the group for some planned and impromptu instruction. The locations planned for photography are not just overhyped tourist stops like you’ll get on most bike tours. We are staying at a location specifically because of its interest as a photographic subject.
Adult solo travelers, couples and friends who are photographers and cyclists from anywhere in the world. Professional photographers and competitive cyclists are not likely to join these tours unless they are working with us as a trip leader.
If you are a seasoned photographer and want to explore on your own then go for it. Since we do move to a new location just about every day, please be ready to go at our planned ride times so the group isn’t waiting on you.
Rides start each morning no later than 11am. Some mornings we have organized shoots and some mornings you can explore on your own. In the evening, we don’t always have a shoot planned since sometimes we want to just relax. We aim to finish the ride and arrive at our accommodations (hotel, inn, casa, riad, flat, etc) by 5pm at the latest so you have time to shower and go out for 2-3 hours before sunset.

Cycling: What to Expect

We are most definitely not bike packing. Baggage and camera gear is transported by support vehicles. We stay in clean comfortable accommodation every night. Meals are mostly taken care of for us. When you’re on the bike your only responsibility is to enjoy the ride. Somebody else will take care of all logistics.
You should be comfortable riding 25-50 miles / 40-80 km per day over flat or hilly terrain. You will need to be in condition to ride these distances on back to back days. Don’t rely on “riding into trip fitness”. Please arrive to the event ready to ride.
Rather than re-create the wheel, I have this awesome infographic for you from [BicycleAdventures]( Summary – ride 3 to 4 days a week for three months prior to your trip. Three weeks before the tour try to rideaverage daily distances expected on your tour (avg 40 miles / 65 km). Taper off slightly for the next two weeks prior to your tour dates.
We will always have newer models that are designed for performance and comfort over longer distances. Most commonly these are [Giant Defy Advanced]( and/or [Cannondale Super6 Evo]( models. The bikes will be a little different for each trip depending on the bike hire partner we have in that country. I have ridden enough crappy rented bikes that I won’t subject myself or guests to something that’s not a joy to ride.
You certainly can bring your own bike. There is no refund for travelers arriving late or unexpectedly leaving a trip. If your bike doesn’t arrive before we depart, there is no guarantee that our bike hire partner can get a bike in your size at the last minute.
A good resource for shipping a bike overseas is To ship within the US try
Absolutely. On our arrival day, everyone gets fitted to their bike. We assemble any bikes, parts, and accessories necessary before we head out.
Yes, but please travel light. Support vehicles will be with you at all times to handle mechanical problems or hand you your camera gear if you really need to stop for a shot.
You really shouldn’t take camera gear on your bike. I know, I’ve been there too – you want to stop during the ride because the light is just perfect or you see a composition you just can’t pass up. Don’t worry, our planned photo stops will give you amazing photo opportunities. When you’re on the bike just enjoy the ride.
You can always ride in the SAG or lead support vehicle if you just need the day to rest. Or maybe you start out the day on the bike feeling strong and realize you’re done after 6o minutes, there’s an air conditioned seat waiting for you.
We do just one ride option and route each day.
We have rest days at locations that warrant more time for photography exploration. I never want to rush through a location and miss the chance for good photography time.
Ability of riders can vary widely. The average pace is 14-17 mph / 22-28 kmph. If you’re a pro and you want to go off the front then go for it. If you’re a recreational cyclist and you want to take your time, that’s fine too. The SAG vehicle will collect anyone who is off the back at the right time to make it to our evening accommodations and photo locations.
Usually we do photo review and editing sessions on bad weather days. Sometimes we go out and make photos if the landscape or cityscape is interesting given the weather conditions. Let’s just say it’s fluid…
Email and I will answer your questions by email or set up a skype, google hangout, or FB messenger chat to talk with you in person.