Approach to Prambanan

Approach to Prambanan

The approach to Prambanan temples honestly feels like you’re entering a sort of amusement park. The temples in the distance look surreal and staged as if they were purpose built for tourists to climb on, over, under and through them. The entrance is beautifully landscaped and there are street vendors selling all manner of knick knacks. It feels like a new and modern attraction rather than an ancient cherished temple.I had to take a beat, sit down, and enjoy this place from afar before I started wandering through the restored temples. The people who live here come to see concerts and events on special occasions. For me, I was hoping for a quiet day exploring a historical site in peace. Ha. That’s never how it works. But slowing down and taking in the site and the people for a moment gave me time to frame a few photos of the temples and the people who come to visit their local amusement on a regular basis.

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