Do you ride? Do you enjoy, or are you learning photography? I wanted to take a cycling vacation planned around locations and with time in the schedule to enjoy my photography along the way. I couldn’t find any so I rolled my own. Come ride with me.

Fully supported tours include moderate to challenging rides, photography stops in the morning or evening of each ride day, and rest days to shoot, relax, or review and edit images. All levels of photographers and riders are welcome.

Cycling & Photography Tours info for Media & Press

The majority of education on photography is intimidating and only shows how to do something without explaining why you would want to…compose that image at all, shoot a landscape in that way, use that software, edit your photo with those choices, etc. I try to focus on the why more than the how, and also on topics that I learned the hard way because I couldn’t find anyone else talking about them.

A lot of photography you can’t learn without experiencing it. So here is my experience, and I trust that some of this is useful to the next person asking the same questions.