What is a Bike Photography Tour?

A bicycle vacation that is organized for photography enthusiasts – we ride for escape and adventure. You don’t want to just go somewhere, you want to experience it. Instead of choosing whether to spend your holiday on a cycling vacation or on photography travel, combine them both into one trip. We are not cycling with a camera in our jersey pocket and stopping to take some snapshots at lunch. No no no. Time is dedicated each day to explore unique locations and photo instruction is included in your tour cost. Tours provide a balance of rich photo locations and moderate to challenging rides. You should train before coming on a trip, but you won’t need so much recovery time that you can’t enjoy the photo stops. Bike photography tours are “athliesure” travel. The goal is not to crush our distance and elevation ride stats, or to conduct an intense photography workshop. Have your active vacation and stimulate your creative energy at the same time with a group of people who share the same passions.

Photography Time
45% Photography
Road Cycling
55% Road Cycling

Available Bike Photography Tours